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VuShorus is the only reservation website where travelers and travel managers can book limited or full service lodging, meals and rides bundled into one efficient transaction
at highly competitive rates!

We offer a wide variety of quality meal, ride and essential travel services options to choose from, including:
• Dine In  • Delivery  • Takeout  • Online Ordering  • Room Service
  • Taxicabs  • shuttle services  • Buses  • Luxury car services.

Meal, Ride and essential services are paid for with E-Cash Vouchers that are issued with the room reservation confirmation.
All related accounting and reporting functions are automated, allowing effortless control and tracking of all Per Diem expenditures.

We invite you to learn more about our products, history and growth.

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About VuShorus


VuShorus was originally founded as Order Inn Hospitality Services in 2001. Order Inn’s initial core product, Order Inn Room Service, was created in an effort to provide a sustainable, streamlined and scalable room service amenity dedicated to limited service hotels and timeshares nationwide.

Simply put, this network of quality-controlled restaurants was designed to bring room service meals to guests staying in hotels where freshly-prepared meals were not available.


How Order Inn Room Service Works (click to expand)

Initial Growth & Industry Dilemmas

By January 2008, Order Inn was providing Room Service to 6,000 hotels in 800 markets nationwide.

Due to this extensive footprint, cost free service, excellent reputation, and the total absence of a streamlined national meal service solution for limited service hotels, Order Inn attracted the attention of several major hotel brands at a national level.

These hotel brands were excited to offer Order Inn Room Service, a missing valuable guest amenity and a way to acquire room night contracts that required meals. Historically, the single biggest reason limited service hotel chains lost room night contracts was due to the absence of on-property meal service.

As a result, contracts were signed, easily identifiable co-branded menus were created and the hotel chains immediately started offering Order Inn Room Service to their corporate clients and daily guests at a national level. Order Inn quickly became THE exclusive food and beverage arm of the limited service hotel and timeshare industry. Vacation rental and corporate housing companies also began turning to Order Inn to fulfill their food service needs.

Hotel chains now fully rely on Order Inn to handle all aspects of their room service needs: qualifying suppliers (in areas such as health scores, financial stability, lease terms, etc.), geographical logistics, quality control issues, brand standards, service continuity issues, customer service, menu printing and stocking, menu updating and restocking, cost concerns, liabilities, insurance requirements, reporting needs, as well as other added guest and staff benefits.

As of January 2014 Order Inn Room Service held contracts with over 30 major hotel and timeshare brands as well many large hotel management companies, covering more than 10,000 properties in over 1200 markets nationwide (View Map).

E-Cash Meal Voucher
Feeding Guests in Thousands of Hotels Nationwide!
Service Area Map
Service Area Map
Products & Solutions

The Birth of VuShorus

After years of experience running Room Service for hotels, Order Inn began developing additional innovative technologies designed to solve a multitude of food and travel service dilemmas that had stifled the entire hotel industry for decades. As a result VuShorus was born to bring these technologies to market, driving enormous excitement and interest within the hospitality sector.

E-Cash Meal Voucher

Room Folio

Room & Meal Billing Integration

In late 2008, a need to charge room service meals to the room folio surfaced. The inability to do so was hampering our efforts to assist hotels with new room night contracts requiring meals. We realized that if the room folio billing problem could be solved, limited service hotels could effectively compete for these room night contracts. While working on a solution for this problem, it became apparent that combining meals into a room reservation up front would be the best solution.

To accomplish this, multiple systems and technologies were developed:

E-Cash Vouchers

Order Inn first developed a unique proprietary electronic currency, which allowed a hotel or hotel client to set up an account and generate E-Cash Vouchers. The E-Cash Vouchers could be emailed directly to the traveler or picked up from the hotel staff during check-in, and could be redeemed through Order Inn Room Service.

The E-Cash vouchers were not only instrumental in solving the room folio billing problem, they also turned out to be the beginning of a complete per diem control solution.

Historically, there had been only four options to manage per diem expenditures. Every one of these options is costly or causes significant headaches for either the traveler or the party responsible for payment:

  • Issue a corporate credit or preloaded debit card to the traveler

  • Pay the traveler an upfront cash per diem

  • Have the traveler spend their own money and submit their receipts for reimbursement.

  • Pay the higher cost of staying at full service hotels, which offer room charges and direct billing.

E-Cash vouchers were not only a definitive solution to all problems associated with the above per diem payment methods, they also eventually offered the following additional benefits:

  • Ability to effortlessly control all aspects of per diem usage and spend

  • Ability to use as payment for additional meal options, rides or any other needed services

  • Ability to automatically collect and return unused per diem funds to client

  • Eliminated the burden of expense reporting, reconciliation, and reimbursement

E-Cash Meal Voucher
E-Cash Meal Voucher

Tired of Receipt Reimbursement?
Tired of Receipt Reimbursement?

Global Meal Distribution Network

Although Order Inn Room Service fulfilled the need for in-room dining, as our client base grew, the demand for a variety of meal options grew with it, and that demand had to be met.

To solve this problem, newly created VuShorus adapted the E-Cash Voucher system to enable accredited food service establishments approved by the client to accept the E-Cash Vouchers. As a result, guests can now leave their hotel room and use E-Cash Vouchers to eat out at a variety of approved dine in restaurants near their hotel, use them for take-out, fast food, mobile meal trucks, delivery companies or online ordering companies. Collectively, this group of food service suppliers is called the VuShorus Global Meal Distribution Network.

Global Meal Distribution Network

Bundled Reservation System

The E-Cash Voucher System and Global Meal Distribution Network were then integrated into a new, state of the art Bundled Reservation System, allowing any client to book a room, meals and rides (along with any other required services) in one easy transaction. This combines the benefits and features of all the VuShorus technologies into one potent bundle.

On account of these technological developments and product integrations, the largest dilemmas that have plagued the travel industry for decades were solved!

Bundled Reservation

E-Cash Meal Voucher
Flood Clean Up

Our State of the Art Bundled Reservation System in Action

An entity such as FEMA can now log onto our website and enter a corporate ID code to book their rooms, meals, and any other needed services included in the price of their stay.

  • During the booking process, the booking engine retrieves the hotel inventory specific to FEMA criteria, bundled with their daily meal and ride E-Cash Vouchers.

  • The E-Cash Vouchers are sent with the reservation confirmation and are pre-set to the exact maximum spend amount FEMA desires. One can also add on additional E-Cash Vouchers during the booking process, or create custom bundles on demand.

  • The reservation confirmation and E-Cash Vouchers display a list of restaurant locations and other service options where the vouchers can be redeemed.

  • Unused E-Cash Vouchers or portions thereof can be tallied and remitted back to the client for a small processing fee and all reservations can be cancelled without penalty within normal hotel cancellation guidelines.

General Inquiries

If you have questions regarding VuShorus, or are interested in our services, please fill out the form below. We will respond to your request promptly.

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Reservations Assistance

If you need assistance booking a reservation, have questions about the booking process, or you need to change or cancel your reservation, please call us at 1-800-625-2080.

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Career Opportunities

VuShorus is expanding very rapidly. We anticipate our domestic and international growth to continue at the current pace for the next four to five years.

Our Contact Center is hiring Customer Service and Reservations agents, as well as Vendor & Client Account Support staff.

We are also hiring for Food & Beverage Directors, Client Services & Relations Directors, Hotel Account Representatives and Data Entry personnel, as well as various other professional positions.

If you are interested in joining either our Corporate or Contact Center team, please:

  • Click here to download an Employment Application Form.

    • Email your resume and application form to

    • Or, fax your completed application to (702) 252-5201.

  • You may also apply at our office located at 4330 S Valley View Suite 134, Las Vegas, NV 89103 between 8am to 5pm (Monday-Friday).

Group Bookings

If you are in need of ten or more rooms with meals and/or rides please contact us for assistance.
Email:, Call (800) 864-3530 or Fill out the form below.

Training and Recruiting

Team Sporting Events

Collegiate Travel and Retreats

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Send Us Your Pictures

If you are a participating hotel, supplier, or client, submit your pictures to us along with a description of your hotel or business. Qualifying pictures are promoted in the VuShorus Spotlight (see below), on our E-Cash vouchers, on local in-room dining guides, and search displays. A no cost way to promote your business!


Your establishment or delicious dish you serve


Your property or staff members


Your building, facilities, or products

Send your pictures to

Frequently Asked Questions: Booking and Reservations

Can we use your vouchers to bundle other services?

Yes. Our E-Cash Vouchers can be used for almost any other service. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can loyalty points be earned through your system?

We will be adding this capability in the near future. Although loyalty points are not currently issued when booking through our website, you may collect your points directly from the hotel upon check in.

If there is a problem with a restaurant or hotel, who do I call?

Call us; we handle the customer service and support for all aspects of our products and services, and will assist in resolving any issues. Our customer service specialists are available 24/7.

Solutions & Benefits
E-Cash Vouchers - Per Diem Controls
Meal Options
Getting Started
E-Cash Voucher Center

Corporate Code:  

  Meal 1 Meal 2 Meal 3
Get Your Money Back
All unused E-Cash or portions thereof are automatically
refunded to purchaser within 15 days of expiration

Account Services Fee
A fee of $2.00 per voucher will be added to your total
for receipt generation, accounting and support
Select Amount:  
Enter Quantity:  
Activation Date:  
Expiration Date:  
Travelers: 0
Vouchers: 0
Price: $0.00
Assigned To:  
Email Address:
Save Voucher Profile
The VuShorus Bundle
You Determine Your Travel Requirements:
  • Your preferred lodging
  • Your daily meal needs and budget
  • Your daily ride requirements

We pre-package the above together in a single convenient Bundle. These bundles are then available to be purchased on demand in one easy transaction through our reservations website. You may also select your preferred lodging and assemble your own bundle during the booking process.

VuShorus E-Cash Vouchers are issued with your reservation confirmation to pay for Meals and Rides during your travels.


To set up an account, please contact us.


Click the bundle elements above for more information

Lodging Options
Limited Service Hotels

Full Service Hotels

To set up an account, please contact us.


Click the bundle elements above for more information

Dining Options

VuShorus E-Cash Vouchers may be spent at any food service establishment in the VuShorus Global Meal Distribution Network for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner:

  • Local restaurants
    • Eat In, Take out, and Delivery
  • Delivery services
  • Online ordering
  • Mobile Meal Trucks
  • Room Service (where available)

To set up an account, please contact us.


Click the bundle elements above for more information


VuShorus E-Cash Vouchers can be spent with any transportation service within the VuShorus Transportation Network:

  • Taxis
  • Shuttle Services
  • Buses
  • Towncars

To set up an account, please contact us.


Click the bundle elements above for more information


Click the bundle elements above for more information



If you struggle with one or more of the below Issues, we have the solution!

  • Your travelers do not carry corporate credit or debit cards

  • You prefer not to issue pre-travel cash per diems

  • Your Per Diem allotments are used for other than their intended purpose

  • Your travelers or employees are adverse to spending their own cash and waiting to be reimbursed

  • You struggle with per diem receipt reconciliation and paperwork

  • You lack proper tracking, controls, and reporting for your per diem spend


VuShorus E-Cash solves all of the above problems:

  • Use E-Cash Vouchers to replace corporate credit cards, cash per diems and expense reimbursement

  • E-Cash Vouchers fully control per diem expenditures

  • Unused Per Diem spend reimbursed to your organization

  • Automatic receipt generation

  • A complete suite of accounting and reporting functions are included

E-Cash Meal Voucher
Giving Away Money?
Use E-Cash
E-Cash Meal Voucher
Need Help with Per Diems?
Use E-Cash

How Reservation Bundles Work

Our State of the Art Technology in Action!

Client determines travel requirements:
  • Lodging needs & pricing

  • Daily meal needs & budget

  • Rides needed (if required)

We pre-package the above together in a single convenient bundle.

These bundles are then available for purchase in one easy transaction.

Bundles are available on or your own microsite.

You may also build your own bundle during the booking process.

E-Cash Vouchers are issued with the reservation confirmation
to pay for Meals and Rides during your travels.

It’s That Easy!

To set up an account, please contact us.


E-Cash Vouchers - Per Diem Controls

VuShorus E-Cash vouchers serve as a real-time travel expense payment system, replacing the need to issue Corporate Credit Cards,
Cash Per Diems, or Reimbursement for Expenses.

Online Reports

  • Real-time

  • View by Employee

  • View by Service

  • Plan Analytics

Usage Controls

  • Can only be redeemed through client approved suppliers

  • Designate Use (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc)

  • Allow or restrict use for alcoholic beverages

  • Customize Disclaimers and Rules

Meal Options

  • Easy Supplier Lookup

  • Multiple options in every market


Per Diem Controls

  • Preset Meal Spend

  • Preset Gratuity

Voucher Customization

  • Add Company Logo

  • Add Company Message

  • Display Traveler Name

  • Display Disclaimers and Rules


Meal Options

Thousands of eateries accept E-Cash Vouchers, accommodating all our clients’ needs.

Supplier options can be tailored to each client’s specific requirements according to price points, dining preference, and proximity to hotels or worksites.

Example Service Suppliers

  • Dine In - Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

  • Delivery Restaurants or Delivery Services

  • Fast Food, Counter Service or Deli Restaurant

  • Online Ordering Companies

  • Meal Trucks or Catering Operations

  • Room Service (where available)


Getting Started - It's Easy!

Contact us to set up the following:
E-Cash Vouchers

Tell us your daily meal needs & budget requirements.

Dining Choices

Let us know your dining preferences based on variety, price and proximity to hotels and worksites.


Tell us the gratuity amount you would like automatically programmed into each transaction.

You are Ready to Travel!

Use your corporate code to access your customized voucher account.

Dining Options
Dining Options
The Choice is Yours!
E-Cash Meal Voucher
Ready to Travel

Options & Details

White Label Travel Site

Customized white label company travel sites can be developed upon request (fees may apply)

Service Requests

Service can be made available anywhere in the United States with a two week notice. International service is also available but may require longer notice.

Group Bookings

If you need to make reservations for a group of 10 or more, please contact us; there is no charge for group booking assistance.

Additional E-Cash Voucher Uses & Services

E-Cash vouchers can be used for other services in addition to meals and rides. Contact us with your request and we will accommodate your needs accordingly.

System Information, Rules & Guidelines

Reservation Bundles and E-Cash Vouchers are purchased up front (pre-paid). Direct bill can be set up with qualified clients.

All transactions can be cancelled or modified without penalty provided they are made within all contractual guidelines and standard hotel policies.

E-Cash Vouchers are valid during the reservation dates only.

Expiration dates for separately purchased E-Cash Vouchers are set by the client for up to 30 days.

Business Meetings
Business Meetings
Sporting Events
Sporting Events

If you are in need of ten or more rooms with meals please contact us for assistance.

Email:, Call (800) 864-3530 or Fill out the form below:

Training and Recruiting

Team Sporting Events

Collegiate Travel and Retreats

VuShorus® Solutions

Feed Your Travelers

Without issuing corporate credit cards
Without issuing cash per diems

Save and Control Per Diem Costs

E-Cash Vouchers are valid for approved uses only
Unused Per Diem funds returned back to your organization

Eliminate Receipt Collection

Reconciliation, expense reports, and reimbursement for travel

Free Your Travelers

From spending their own money on meals and
waiting to be reimbursed

VuShorus® Customers

VuShorus® Spotlight